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From: Andrew Gitt, Founder & CEO of Mingle Cash
Subject: Make Money With The Newest, Hottest Opportunity today!

“Are you tired of wasting your time on money making opportunities that turn into scams?

Would you like to hear about a ‘realistic’ opportunity that does not require any money from you to start?

A way that allows you to earn money passively in your sleep...


Just think of what you could do with an extra $57 a DAY!

That’s $400 a week and $1,600 a month!

For the record, $57 per day is NOT the maximum amount you can earn per day.
You can definitely earn far more. And I’m going to show you how.


There are many so-called “passive income opportunities” online that exist today.

Unfortunately, they usually fall into one of three categories.

  • You have to INVEST your hard-earned money.
  • You need to devote a lot of TIME only to end up making pennies in return.
  • You actually earn some money, but the company SCAMS you and you don’t get paid!

Lucky for you that you found this page!

Introducing. . .Mingle Cash!

With Mingle Cash...

  • You don’t have to invest any money.
  • You don’t have to invest a lot of time.
  • And you will get paid every 3 days!

Check out how Bob Wilson and Camilla Fernández' lives
have been transformed using Mingle Cash!

Read Bob Wilson’s success story

Bob Wilson

Bob is a 57-year-old unemployed computer programmer that lives in Detroit, Michigan. He has been married for 30 years and has two girls in college. Not only is he responsible for paying the large college tuition, he has a home mortgage to deal with. And let’s not forget about his typical monthly expenses like food, gas, credit cards, etc.

Although his wife has a job as a secretary in a local dental clinic, it’s not nearly enough to pay all the bills. Bob has always been the breadwinner in the family and without his income, he will have no choice but to pull his two girls out of college.

During this time difficult time period, Bob was spending every waking moment looking for a new job. The problem was no one wanted to hire a 57-year-old man. Although he has tons of experience, it was not with the latest technologies that companies are looking for.

True, he has the option of learning the latest programming methods, but that would take time and he needs money right NOW to pay for his girls’ tuition, mortgage and other monthly expenses! Plus, the companies that are hiring are not willing to pay for his continuing education like they are willing to do for younger job applicants.

Then, out of the blue, his life changed for the better. He got an email from David, an old high school friend, recommending a website called Mingle Cash. In the email, David mentioned that although he just started using the site six days ago, he was already making over $5 per day and every day his daily earnings were increasing.

David explained how he was on track to earn over $100 per day within three weeks and $300 per day within two months. He mentioned it was 100% free to join, required no ‘selling’ (something Bob hates more than anything), and required very little time.

So Bob decided to try out Mingle Cash. He figured “What do I have to lose? My good friend is recommending it. I don’t have to pay anything to join. The only requirement is that I own a computer or smartphone which I have. And I’m not worried about getting scammed since David already got his first payment and he knows others that got paid as well.”

So Bob took the plunge and that was the best decision he ever made in his life!

Bob has now been a member of Mingle Cash for one month and he’s already seen his income grow to $83 per day. Although he still can’t cover his girls' college tuition, he sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Bob is on target to be able to pay all his bills, including the college tuition, within the next 60 days. Not only that, Bob’s quality of life has improved tenfold. He actually has time to enjoy himself, work out at the gym, play ball with friends and go out to eat with his wife.

Before Mingle Cash, Bob would arrive home from work exhausted. He would get home at 7 PM, eat some dinner, watch some TV and call it a day. Then he would have to wake up bright and early at 6 AM the next day where the “rat race” repeated itself over and over.

Bob is looking forward to reaching his $300 a day goal. He promised his wife that once this milestone is reached she can quit her job and also join Mingle Cash. They are looking forward to finally being able to travel around the world.

Listen to Bob's testimonial

Read Camilla Fernández’s success story

Camilla Fernández

Camila is a single, stay-at-home mother of two girls, 4 and 6 years old. Due to an illness, she is not able to go back into the workforce. If that isn’t enough, last year she lost her husband in a fatal car accident.

To make ends meet, Camila has tried out blogging, online surveys and various other online tasks. However, the money she earns doesn’t even come close to covering her monthly bills. She doesn’t want to ask her family for financial support, but she is running out of options.

Six months ago the bank foreclosed on her house and she and the girls are now living in a cheap run-down apartment in a dangerous neighborhood. She can't even let the girls go outside to play.

One day while doing some research, Camila came across an advertisement for Mingle Cash. Needing another source of income that would not take too much of her time and seeing that it was free, Camila decided to try it out. Another selling point for Camila was that she could do Mingle Cash right along with her blogging and still have plenty of time for her girls.

Now Camila is able to pay her bills and not worry whether there is going to be enough money to buy food or clothes. Camila recently moved to a nice neighborhood with a grassy fenced yard. Now her girls can go out and play anytime they want and she does not have to worry for their safety.

Thanks to Mingle Cash, Camila can spend quality time with her girls and not be stressed out over paying her bills.

Listen to Camilla's testimonial

Make Money With The Newest, Hottest Opportunity today! join for free!

Bob and Camila are just two examples of ‘regular people’
that are benefiting from Mingle Cash.

If they can be successful, so can you!

  • What do you need or want?
  • Luxury vacations?
  • A bigger house?
  • A fancier car?

It can all be yours with Mingle Cash!

See what other Mingle Cash users are saying...

Josh, London, United Kingdom

Getting a free $100 Bing coupon from the Mingle Cash training manual got me 87 referrals in just 3 days. With my referrals following my example, my 10-level downline is growing now practically on autopilot! This leaves me with a lot more quality time for my family and friends.

Amina, Sarajevo, Bosnia

Mingle Cash has been paying me like clockwork every 10 days. I recently bought a brand new Toyota for my family. My neighbors keep asking how I can afford a new car. When I tell them MIngle Cash, they all want to sign up!

So are YOU ready to learn how YOU also can start earning with Mingle Cash?

If you are still hanging around, then I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.

Let’s begin!

Mingle Cash gives you the ability to earn a huge, recurring, passive income simply by playing games and referring others.

Let me say that again:

Mingle Cash gives you the ability to earn a huge, recurring, passive income simply by playing games and referring others. The referring part is optional fyi.

It’s 100% free.


Yes, you heard me correctly.

There is no investment required at all! So it’s totally risk free for you to get started!

All you need to do to start earning money with Mingle Cash is to
follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Register
  • Register
    Play Games
  • Register

Pretty straightforward so far, don’t you think?

Make Money With The Newest, Hottest Opportunity today! join for free!

How Does it Work?

I imagine by now you are asking yourself, “How does Mingle Cash work?”

Let me fill you in on the details!

After a super quick 5 second registration, you start playing games.

Pre-roll video ads appear before each game.

Every time you see an ad, you earn money!

You can earn from your computer, iOS or Android device.

See what other Mingle Cash users are saying...

Brandon, Manchester, United Kingdom

Mingle Cash’s 10-Level referral system has filled up my bank account! Now I can impress the ladies with luxurious romantic trips that I can now easily pay for.

Jason Altman, Colorado, USA

In just 10 days I was able to get 647 referrals! Making 5% off of all of them every month has greatly increased my income. I recently just purchased new furniture in my house and as soon as they sign up more people I plan on remodeling my entire kitchen! And it’s all thanks to Mingle Cash!

Make Money With The Newest, Hottest Opportunity today! join for free!

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Join Mingle Cash

  1. 100% Free. No investment required.
  2. Lifetime recurring passive income.
  3. Incredible high potential earnings from the 10-level referral system.
  4. Your only ‘work’ is to ‘play games’ part of the day and referring.
  5. Access to our 25 proven methods which GUARANTEES that you will quickly and easily get referrals.
  6. Every 3 days you get paid with our low $2.00 minimum threshold.
  7. You can do this as your ‘day’ job OR part-time from home.
  8. Personal 24/7 one-on-one support via live chat to ensure your success.
  9. No computer required. You can do this even from your smartphone or tablet.
  10. Grow at your own pace or even take a break -- you won’t be penalized.

Make Money With The Newest, Hottest Opportunity today! join for free!

Let Me Show You How You Earn The BIG BUCKS

If you have read up to this point, you definitely don’t want to stop now!

Here’s where I explain how you earn the BIG BUCKS.

The genius of the Mingle Cash system is in its unique 10-level referral system.

The way to earn money is by making referrals so that you will have a large number of people in your 10-level downline playing games and viewing pre-roll video ads.

These ads generate revenue.

Your share of this revenue is determined by the number of of games you play each day.

You can earn up to 5% of the income Mingle Cash collects from these ads for every person you refer who signs up, as well as everyone they sign up, etc. -- and this continues on for 10-levels deep!

The payment plan is structured in such a way that it does not matter what part of the world you or the people you refer live in.


You are going to make money as long as you play games.

That’s why it’s important you start building your downline by referring others as soon as possible!

To reach the maximum 5% of your downline earnings, you’ll want to be sure you view at least 40 pop-under ads per day.

If you play less than 40 games on any day, you still earn money but will receive a smaller percentage on a sliding scale.

Just to be extra clear, you do NOT have to refer others in order to make money.

But if you do, you'll just make a LOT more money.

This doesn’t mean you need to have dozens of direct referrals to make a lot of money.

Even 3 to 5 direct referrals will kick-start your 10-level downline.

Did you ever make a snowman as a child? If you did, you will remember that you started with a SMALL ball the size of your hand. After you rolled it on the ground for 5 minutes it turned into a HUGE snowball. Right?

Those 3 to 5 direct referrals represent the small snowball.

The small group of direct referrals you bring to Mingle Cash will refer others, and those people will refer even more.

This is the ‘snowball’ effect of a 10-level downline.

See what other Mingle Cash users are saying...

Jerry, Illinois, USA

The help and quick turnaround I receive from Andrew Gitt and his support team is literally one-of-a-kind. It’s a very good feeling to know that if I get stuck or have a question or concern, it’s just a matter of HOURS till I’ll hear back from them.

Kitty , South Carolina, USA

I have an illness that requires frequent doctor visits that cuts deeply into family expenses. Mingle Cash has been able to at least relieve me from the financial stress. I would have to say the biggest help was the training manual they provided. It is loaded with dozens of ‘Golden Nuggets’.

Make Money With The Newest, Hottest Opportunity today! join for free!

My goal with Mingle Cash is to create a money machine where users can make a LOT of money and not just pennies a day!


Let me ask you a question:

Would you prefer earning money on 1 user (i.e. yourself) OR on a huge army of users?

It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

And this is exactly what Mingle Cash is offering you. The chance to make real money!


Another thought you may have is “I’m pretty shy. I’m not comfortable sending biz opps (even if it’s free) to people I know.”

I hear you loud and clear and understand your concern.

Lucky for you, I’ve created a training manual which has 25 methods for getting referrals ONLINE.


Then, after you get your feet wet and earn your first payment, you’ll WANT to tell your family and friends because you are HELPING them. After all, isn’t that what friends are for?

Not only would you be helping your friends and family pay their bills, you’ll also be helping yourself financially in the process! It can’t get better than that!

But even if you decide you still don’t want to refer, you can still earn money with Mingle Cash!

By this point, you should be quite clear on how Mingle Cash works and how you earn money.

However, I know you are wondering out loud “Ok, I must admit this does sound good. But how much money can I really make with Mingle Cash?”

I never thought you would ask :) Now here comes the fun part!

Let’s give some projections so that you can get an idea
of your earning potential.


You need to realize that every type of ad and each country have different ad rates.

I will be using very conservative numbers for my example.

Please note that I’m assuming your downline are ACTIVE users. My definition of an active user is someone who uses either a computer, smartphone or tablet to browse websites two or more hours a day.

On the very LOW END of the scale, each user will earn at-least .04 cents per day.

That’s 4 pennies!

It’s not much, but it is a starting point and I want to be totally honest with you about how this works.

The second assumption I’m making is each user on ‘average’ will refer just 5 people.

Considering I provide over 25 methods for getting referrals, this is extremely easy.

As you can see in the chart, if you refer 5 people, and those 5 people each refer 5 people and this continues for 10 levels, you’ll have over 9.7 million users in your downline!

You would be earning over $24,000 per day.

Downline Level Number of Referals Total Revenue
1 5 $ 0.01
2 25 $ 0.05
3 125 $ 0.25
4 625 $ 1.25
5 3,125 $ 6.25
6 15,625 $ 31.00
7 78,125 $ 156.00
8 390,625 $ 781.00
9 1,953,125 $ 3,906.00
10 7,765,625 $ 19,531.00
Total per day: $24,412.00

As you can see, the serious money is being made from levels 8 through 10.

I want to stress these are DAILY incomes, not monthly or yearly.

$24,000 per day translates into $8,700,000 per year!

The problem with me stating these high numbers is I actually lose credibility.

It’s ‘too good to be true’. You know what? I agree! This won’t happen in real life!

Every person is not going to be online for 2 hours every day and refer 5 people who are going to be active.

However, even if I’m FAR off, the numbers are still amazing.

Even if you did 1/100th of my projection you would still be earning $240 PER DAY!

See what other Mingle Cash users are saying...

Christopher, Washington, USA

I have spent quite a bit of time in third world countries and have many friends around the world. It gives me great pleasure to help them put food on their table and earn money to pay their rent. Of course I also want to make money. But the fact that I can help others in poor countries to build a future for themselves and their families is what drew my attention.

Lisa, New Jersey, USA

Mingle Cash is unlike any other business I have been involved with. Andrew Gitt is VERY transparent and gives straight answers. Simply put, I have learned to trust Andrew completely and can tell you he’s the real deal. That’s why I have no concerns pushing my family and friends to join Mingle Cash too.

Make Money With The Newest, Hottest Opportunity Today! join for free!

Top 10 FAQs

question iconHow do I get paid and how frequently?

Payments will be sent to your PayPal account. Once your account earns $2.00 or more you will get paid. All users are paid together every 3 days.

question iconDo I get paid for the pre-roll video ads I view personally?

Yes you do. However to make the 'big bucks' you'll definitely at some point want to start referring others to build your 10-level downline.

question iconWhat devices and operating systems can Mingle Cash run on?

You will be able to use our browser on any computer, android phone or tablet, Windows, MAC or Linux.

For computers we have a Firefox extension and for Android users we have a Chromium browser which looks exactly like Chrome.

question iconI have an ad blocker on my browser. Is that a problem?

The short answer to that question is ‘most’ ad blockers will not affect the ads you will see with Mingle Cash. If you happen to face a problem, just contact our support and we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.

question iconCan I download the extension on multiple PCs?

Yes and I recommend that. Having the Mingle Cash extension installed on multiple PC’s will make it easier to “view” 40 pop-under ads. This means you’ll then earn 5% of your downline spending even less than two hours a day surfing.

question iconHow safe is the browser I will be installing?

The browser we use is called Chromium, which is based on Chrome which is made by Google. So it has the same features and look as Chrome. If you feel comfortable using Chrome, then you will be comfortable using our browser.

question iconCan I refer family members in my own house under the same IP?

Yes, you may. For example, a parent can refer his or her 18 year old child provided they are using two different computers, tablets or smartphones.

question iconWhat kind of support will I receive?

After you register you will immediately be introduced to our 24/7 live chat who will answer all your questions on the spot and ensure that you start earning immediately without delay!

question iconIs Mingle Cash available in ALL countries?

As long as you live in a country that can accept a Paypal payment. Very soon we will allow be adding Litecoins which is similar to Bitcoins as a payment method and this works in all countries.

question iconWhat kind of support will I receive?

We really excel in support. We can offer you ticket support (which means you send us an email and we get back to you ASAP) as well as live chat. The Founder and CEO of Mingle Cash, Andrew Gitt also makes himself available for coaching users. With his more than 15 years of Internet Marketing experience, he brings a lot of value to the table. Some of the testimonials given on this page talk about Andrew’s availability and willingness to help any user.

question iconWill there be any nudity or malware in the ads?

No, we only work with mainstream ad networks. We don’t work with ‘adult’ ad networks. If an ad has any nudity or if there is a software with malware it will not be allowed. If for some reason you do see such an ad, simply contact our support and we will block the domain so it will be banned forever. One of our highest priorities is to ensure our users feel safe.

Start earning cash NOW with Mingle Cash!

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