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Mingle Cash is a revolutionary browser extension that will turn your PC into your very own personal ATM machine.

How you ask? Simple, users install the Mingle Cash browser extension which allow pop-under ads to appear every 30 seconds provided you change the url. But don’t worry, the ads are not annoying as you won’t even notice them until you close your browser.

You will also have the ability to change the settings to see less pop-unders should you wish.

Mingle Cash receives income from these ads and we share that revenue with you!

For those that want to make serious cash and turn this into a ‘business’, you can take advantage of our referral program. All you have to do is share your unique affiliate link with others who in turn sign up and install the extension. For each person who signs up under you and installs the extension which allows the ads to run, you will earn a percentage of the revenue that Mingle Cash is receiving.

Mingle Cash has a unique 10-level payout structure. So you earn not only on your first level downline of referrals, but ALSO on your 10-level downline! The percentage of your share of this revenue is determined by the number of pop-under ads you view.

The percentage you earn ranges from 1.25% to 5%, however, it’s very easy to reach the 5% level each day. And here’s the awesome part: instead of just earning a one-time payment, you’ll be paid for the LIFETIME of your entire downline of referrals! Explain more about how the pop-under ads appear and the frequency? How it works is simple.

As you surf the internet, Mingle Cash displays pop-under ads below your browser window. These ads are non-intrusive and in fact, you won’t even be able to see the ad until you minimize or close your browser window. You will notice a 3 second countdown timer at the top of each ad.

If you are static online for an extended period of time (ie. watching a video, playing a web based game, or just reading a really intense article) no new ads will appear. But as long as you keep browsing, the pops will continue to appear if at least 30 seconds has passed between the ads.

To be clear, when you earn from watching ads yourself, there is no minimum. But to earn from your downline you must “view” a minimum of 10 ads. If you “view” 10 pop-under ads per day you will earn 1.25% of the money everybody in your downline generates.

If you “view” 20 pop-under ads day, you will receive your first raise and be earning 2.5% of the money everybody in your downline generates. If you “view” 30 pop-under ads per day, you will receive 3.75% of the money everybody in your downline generates. If you “view” 40 or more pop-under ads day, you will receive 5% of the money everybody in your downline generates. As you can see the biggest raise comes when you “view” 40 or more pops a day.

Please note that you earn either from revenue you make yourself by using Mingle Cash OR from your downline, but not both. Any revenue you earn from Mingle Cash, whether it comes from pop-under ads, searches, games, offer wall, it doesn’t matter, you get 50% of whatever revenue earned from your actions. But if you decide to make referrals and earn from your 10-level downline, you will earn from your downline only. You can and should build your downline while you earn on our site personally, because you will get the greater of the two. In other words, once the money you are generating from your downline out performs what you make personally, then you will make money only from your downline. The reason we can’t give you for both is then Mingle Cash would make zero. If we give you 50% plus 5% on 10 levels on your downline (which totals another 50%) we earn nothing. This payment structure was created recognizing some people don’t want to refer and will just earn by their own actions and others prefer the ‘business opportunity’ to make serious cash.

Payments are made via PayPal. Once your account earns $2.00 or more you will get paid. All users are paid every 10 days. Very soon we will be adding Litecoins as a cryptocurrency as an alternative.

YES! Unlike other PTC sites that limit you greatly on how many ads you can click on, with Mingle Cash there is no cap. You can view literally 100’s of pop-under ads a day if you wish. Not only will you be making money from the pop-under ads, but you will also notice banner ads, native ads and interstitial ads as you use our browser. These ads all generate money in your account!

The offer wall has easy, quick tasks you can perform to make quick money. We have excluded anything that costs money or is long to perform such as surveys. To maximize your earnings, be sure to complete offers from your PC as well from your smartphone. Keep checking the offer wall for new offers as new offers come and go frequently.

For computers you can use our Chromium browser (which is the open-source version of Chrome). If you are a Chrome user you’ll love Chromium. Our Chromium browser is available only for Windows operating systems. If you use Firefox you can download our Firefox extension to your computer. Our Firefox extension is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. We also have the Chromium browser available for Android devices which is highly recommended. You should install our browser on BOTH your computer and Android device.

That’s great! We recognize that the internet is filled with unwanted ads and we cannot stand intrusive ads that redirect you every time you try to load a website. That’s why we have designed Mingle Cash to work with multiple different ad blockers. In fact, most popular Ad blockers are 100% compatible with Mingle Cash as they do not prevent our pop-under ads from being displayed. In the slim chance that you are having trouble with the ads being displayed, you might want to consider contacting the maker of your pop-up blocker so they can provide you detailed steps on how to allow pop-under ads to be displayed. You can also consider temporarily disabling your ad blocker or even installing one that is tested to be compatible.

Not at all! We have tested this extensively to ensure of this!

Pop-under ads can’t be shown to a ‘dead’ PC. Ads are only shown when people are browsing and interacting with websites. So, if your referral is sick or on vacation, then no ads will be shown and therefore no revenue is generated. When they are online, you get paid. When they are offline, you don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that. However, each user is motivated to be online to see at least 10 pop-under ads because if they are not, THEY don’t get paid on their downline, so it’s a huge motivation for them to surf the internet at least 30 minutes a day (which most people do even on the toilet each day).

Yes, and we recommend that. You will see more ads and make more money.

Yes you may. For example, the Dad can refer his 18 year son provided they are using 2 separate devices in the home.

Well, technically yes. However, the following 13 Countries we can’t pay via PayPal or Payza as they are bound by strict International banking laws and therefore we have no way to pay you. However, we do have a workable solution for you should you live in one of these 13 Countries. If you have a relative or close friend that lives in another country, you can enter his/hers PayPal or Payza account details and that person can then wire the money to your bank account or use Western Union or even with Bitcoins. True, it’s a bit of an inconvenience, but isn’t it worth it if you are making a substantial income? Afghanistan, Cameroon, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.

Every night at midnight on UTC time zone, the ‘day’ renews itself. Throughout the day, a dynamic number will display in your browser as you see below. The blue $ sign is the Mingle Cash icon. At the start of each day the number will refresh to 0. When you see the number changing, that number represents how many pop-under ads you have seen for that particular day. If you have have a downline and you want to maximize your earnings, you should be careful to see at-least 40 ads each day.

We really excel in support. The Founder and CEO of Mingle Cash is Andrew Gitt and he handles most support issues coaching users. With his more than 15 years of Internet Marketing experience, he brings a lot of value to the table. You can make a support ticket or reach Andrew on live chat using Facebook Messenger or skype chat. You will get much more than just technical support. Andrew is online a good part of the day and is excellent about replying to inquiries very quickly. Often times, within minutes. You will be very pleased with our support! Click here to visit the support page. There are already testimonials fromreal users that vouch for the great support Mingle Cash offers which is listed on our Facebook group.

We are VERY active on Facebook. Andrew Gitt, our CEO, is posting on a frequent basis on his personal Facebook page which you can ‘follow’ him by clicking the ‘follow’ button on his profile. Here is Andrew’s Facebook page. Additionally, you’ll want to join the Mingle Cash group by clicking here. We will be sharing case studies, best performing methods, new methods we learn about from users and more! If you are serious about using Mingle Cash, you will want to join our Facebook group and follow Andrew on his personal page which is used solely for Mingle Cash.